Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered here please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

I have a video camera. Do I need to use my phone?

Not at all. As long as you can upload the video files to us we will work with them. We do still advise using an external microphone for better audio quality though. We can advise if you need one.

Do you help with ideas to make videos about?

Absolutely. That’s just part of the ongoing relationship you will have with Adlib Video.

Can I cancel a monthly plan at any time?

Yes. Monthly plans are paid in advance so if you do cancel you finish up at the end the current month. Note: your rollover date is the day of the month you set up your plan.

Can Adlib Video quote me on a one off project?

Sure can. Get in touch anytime to have a chat about what you’re after. Happy to help.